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Frøystad AS is located in Fosnavåg, Sunnmøre. We have approx. 3700m² with assembly workshop, warehouse and administration in addition to a net hotel.

In our shop you can buy straight from the warehouse shelf, in addition to get professional help with yarn assembly. Our online store:

Our goal is to give our customers professional security. We welcome new and old customers!

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The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries is consulting on a proposal to introduce an order for acoustic pingers when fishing with nets in the period of 1 January - 30 April. The Institute of Marine Research's experiments and experiences from other countries show that bycatch of porpoises in net fishing is reduced by 70% -100% by using acoustic fingers on the net links.

Posted 2020-08-10 14:36:47

Effective bait for shrimp pots - Also recommended for lobster, crayfish and in ocean fish pots.

The bait has been tested over a period of over 1 year with very good results! Good catch without hagfish and lice.

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Personal protective equipment and clothing. Safety and comfort are important to maintain. We have included a number of products to this category in our product range.

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We are investing digitally! We recently launched a new design on our online store.

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Frøystad AS has a long tradition of delivering equipment to the fishing fleet and the aquaculture industry.

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Insulated plastic containers from 50 - 1000 liters. Recyclable. Designed for storing and transporting fish/food. Various colors. Containers and lids are insulated.

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Security and economy for the breeder. For almost 50 years, we have developed unique expertise in special ropes, anchoring and nets. Operating profitably and safety is about having the best solutions. In team with Frøystad AS the breeder makes the best choices and has safe, good days at the fish farm.

We supply, among other things: Ropes, hardware, anchors, chains, fenders, floats, aquaculture buoys, aquaculture lights, fall protection, rescue equipment, lifting straps. emergency nets, plastic containers

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Frøystad is one of the most experienced suppliers of pots in Norway. We have extensive experience about which types and qualities that is best for Norwegian quality-conscious fishermen.

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Frøystad developed the floating rope TOPPFLYT, which is now the fisherman's first choice. With TOPPFLYT, Frøystad's nets get good buoyancy all the way down to 700 meters. The net stands perfect in the sea, with full area, even with a large amount of fish.

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Frøystad AS has extensive experience with fishing nets since 1972. We have developed quality tools for more efficient fishing in close collaboration with quality-conscious and skilled fishermen. We tailor nets to the customer's wishes, and have a large stock of selected types of nets.


Skinnesveien 36
6095 Bølandet


Geir Johan Bakke

Hallgeir Frøystadvåg
Sales Manager
+47 90 10 56 11

Roy Willy Hagen
Sales manager coast
+47 41 40 33 40

Kjell Dag Nilsen
Sales Manager Seines
+47 91 82 90 62

Børge Fiksdal
Sales consultant
+47 91 14 05 40

Frank-Håkon Garnes
Sales Manager Maritime & Aquaculture
+47 91 30 26 00

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