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Mustad Autoline develops and supplies technology to the world’s line fishing fleet. Autolining is a mechanized prosess for longline fishing and is an efficient, environmentally friendly commercial fishing method which preserves the quality of the fish. We are continuously developing new and innovative solutions so that more fish can be caught by hook and line.

Whether it's deep sea or coastal fishing, - a Mustad Autoline system transforms the way you work:

Mustad Autoline DeepSea System is delivered to the world's most modern and efficient freezer longliners. Customized for boats from 70 feet with the ability to set and haul up to 80 000 hooks per day. 

Mustad Autoline Coastal System is a compact premium longline system made for boats from 35 feet. It's ideal for efficient coastal fisheries targeting bottom fishing, and sets and hauls anything from 6 000 to 50 000 hook in in-shore and often rocky sea-beds. Can also combine different gear depending on seasons. With its latest design and technology Mustad Autoline Coastal system is your best choice ever.

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Made in Norway

Mustad Autoline products are manufactured in their own premises in Gjøvik, Norway. The entire production process is supervised by in-house experts granting tightest quality control possible.

Knowhow, research and development

Each year Mustad Autoline spends 10-15% of our total earnings in research and development. This can be the invention of next generation equipment as well as the small adjustments on our well-known machines that provides our customers with the extra percentage of efficiency. Our service technicians, engineers and salesmen are continuously in contact with our customers all over the world to gather feedback and input of what can be improved. Through close co-operation with neighbouring NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and NCE Raufoss, Mustad Autoline benefits greatly from unique technical expertise.

The features of Mustad Autoline system

With a Mustad Autoline system all the hooks and line are stored on magazines. The size and quantity of these magazines vary depending on the vessel’s size and needs. After the buoy line and anchor have been deployed, the swivelline and hooks are pulled through the automatic baiting machine at a rate dependent on the vessel’s speed. The most advanced baiting machine can deploy up to 6 hooks per second at a baiting percentage averaging 95 – 97%.

After soaking time the hauling process begins. The hooks and line are pulled over a roller where a crewmember helps the fish come on board, checking gear and controlling the hauling speed. Subsequently the hooks and line continue through the hook cleaner and linehauler before being passed in the HookSeparator to be loaded onto the magazines. The crew will then make sure that the hooks and line are properly hung and stored. At this time snoods, hooks and swivels are replaced as needed. The gear is now ready to be set again.

The hauling process takes 80 – 85% of the time while the baiting and setting process is much faster using an autobaiting system.

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