SINTEF Ocean conducts research and innovation relating to the ocean space for national and international industry. Our ambition is to continue Norway's leading position in marine engineering and bio marine research. Together with the industry and government, we are developing future-orientated solutions for sustainable utilisation of the ocean. SINTEF Ocean has 340 employees and is headquartered in Trondheim, with departments in Tromsø, Hirtshals, Oslo, Ålesund and Bergen.

Efficient and sustainable use of ocean resources

SINTEF Ocean helps ensure a more efficient and sustainable utilisation of ocean resources through technology development and research. Norway’s leading position in the salmon industry stems from our technological lead. We help develop new farming concepts and operational solutions that meet the requirements of both exposed and closed solutions. Norway has succeeded in achieving a balanced management, with growing stocks. One of our contributions has been to use data from the fishing fleet to achieve a more efficient catch and better estimation of stocks. To produce enough food, however, it is not sufficient to stick to traditional species. Thus, it is important to cultivate seaweed and develop tools for fishing at lower trophic levels. We do research that combines technology development and knowledge of the composition of raw materials. In this way, we help the industry to achieve an efficient production, while also ensuring high product quality.

Laboratories within fishery and aquaculture

  • The flume tank in Hirtshals
  • Marine wet lab
  • Automation and robot lab
  • Pilot laboratory for food production
  • Mobile bioprocess plant
  • Norwegian center for plankton technology
  • SINTEF marine data center
  • Norwegian seaweed technology centre
  • Software laboratory for numeric modelling and simulation
  • Full-scale test plant for salmon farming – ACE


Otto Nielsensveg 10
7052 Trondheim

Brattørkaia 17c
7010 Trondheim

The North Sea Science Park
Willemoesvej 2
9850 Hirtshals

Storgata 118
9008 Tromsø

SINTEF Ålesund
Borgundvegen 340
6009 Ålesund

Welcomes students


Ulf Johansen
Acting Research Manager
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Harry Westavik
Research Manager
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Kirsti Greiff
Research Manager
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Hanne Digre
Research Director
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