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Marine Control Service AS is a well-established solution provider to the marine industry. MCS delivers Evolution V5 Integrated Automation Systems for all types of vessels. With products like Dead Man System, Autogauge V1 Level Measurement system and Power management system, our solutions ensure safe and reliable operation of your vessel. We also provide services within consulting, design and engineering, enabling our customers to take advantage of our extensive experience from more than 35 years in the marine automation business. 

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Evolution V5

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The right choice for every vessel.

Evolution V5 is the fifth generation of, what is now, a well proven technology.

Starting back in 1984 with the first micro controller-based exhaust gas monitoring system, via different generations as Camos and Vista, we are now in the forefront of technology with the Evolution V5. A rugged hardware and software platform, combined with the best service organization there is, makes Evolution V5 the perfect choice for use on board.


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In MCS we give our commitment to serve our deliveries through the entire lifetime of the customers assets. With delivery of Vista Automation from 2003 followed by Evolution V5 from 2011 our reference list counts several hundred systems. Our service offering covers spare part deliveries, technical support & troubleshooting, system updates and retrofit. With our well proven Remote Assistance solution, system check and modifications are done in the most economical way and without any delay.

Our service concept is as simple and efficient as our slogan:



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As the technology evolves to more complex and powerful solutions, upgrading or replacing the automation system enable new opportunities to cover the demand for sustainable and safe operation of a vessel. Old systems may have limitations like obsoleteness of spare parts or limited availability for modifications due to outdated technology. In MCS we have experience with retrofit of automation systems from several different brands. Additionally, we offer retrofit of power management systems, extension to include additional functions like shore connection, harbor generator or battery for hybrid solutions.

Autogauge V1

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-Combining proven methods with latest technology

Autogauge V1 is an independent unit for integration in Evolution V5 via redundant ModBus interface. Each cabinet can have 12, 24 or 36 channels for central or distributed installation. Optionally Autogauge V1 is delivered with local operator panel as a stand-alone system, an excellent choice for retrofitting old manual pneumatic systems, like Peilo Teknikk and Kokum Sonics CALM.


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