Normex AS

Normex has been developing innovative disinfection and water treatment solutions for over 17 years.

Since our establisment in 2003, we have delivered more than 300 facilities to companies in aquaculture,

maritime and onshore fish processing industries worldwide.

We define our overarching goal as "making a clean difference".

Normex eco friendly technology provedes clean water, better fish health greater biosecurity and disinfection

without the use of chemical substances.

We deliver complete solutions and engage in the entire process from initial design and project engineering

to start-up, user training and after sales service.

Ozone plays a vital role in our solutions. Ozone is an extremely powerful and effective oxidiser, and eliminates

microorganisms and pathogens from water. Once the ozone has reacted with the water-borne microorganisms,

it returns to its original form - oxygen.

Normex Desinfecta has been developed to disinfect tanks, tubs and pipework effectively and without harming

the environment. The system has been approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Norwegian

Medicines Agency as a method of disinfection in the aquaculture sector.

Normex Desinfecta is used by fishing boats and service vessels like wellboats, harvesting vessels, fishing boats,

delousing barges, purse seiners / factory ships.


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