Aqua Nor 2021

The most important meeting place

Since 1979, Aqua Nor has been an important international meeting place for the aquaculture industry, and it is today the world’s largest aquaculture technology exhibition.

Modern aquaculture is today a knowledge industry with very advanced technology. This is true in all fields: in breeding, feed and feeding regimes, biomass control, construction and operation of floating cages, nets, safety equipment, well boats, handling of fish, veterinary medicine, vaccines etc. The very latest innovations are presented at Aqua Nor.

During Aqua Nor a number of seminars, mini-conferences, presentations, lectures and debates are organized to contribute to give visitors an up-date on professional information.

Aqua Nor is where new networks are built and enlarged, be it at the various places in the exhibition area, or out on the town in Trondheim during the evening.

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The Nor-Fishing Foundation
Postboks 1251, Torgård
Pirsenteret, inngang 1
7462 Trondheim
+47 73 56 86 40

Aqua Nor 2021
c/o Trondheim Spektrum
Klostergata 90
7030 Trondheim
+47 73 56 86 40

Welcomes students


Kari Steinsbø
Exhibition manager
977 34 691

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