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Navigate to a sustainable future with The Full Picture, a portfolio of unified technology and engineering solutions created and delivered by the world’s foremost maritime innovators.


Our world-class technical capabilities encompass vessel design, power, propulsion, deck machinery, positioning, detection and automation, all delivered with a strong focus towards safe and sustainable operation. These combine with our skills in the integration of complex systems to form The Full Picture: one of the broadest unified product portfolios in the world, supporting a fleet of more than 30,000 vessels.

A world-class support network, with global logistics and expert assistance on all aspects of maritime automation and engineering, completes the package to make Kongsberg Maritime a full solutions provider, from the engine room to the working deck and beyond.

While we are the largest marine technology specialist organisation in the world, with the most extensive product and knowledge base, our focus continues to be on our customers and the environment. Only by listening to you and predicting industry needs can we enable the transformation needed to put safety and sustainability first, while continuing to generate value for all stakeholders.

We are shaping the maritime future with leading-edge operational technology, new electric and hybrid power systems, knowledge and equipment for big data and digital transformation, sustainable fishery solutions and truly game-changing developments in remote operations and Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS).

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We manufacture advanced active sonars, echo sounders, catch monitoring instruments and transducers for the world's fishing fleet. Our products are in daily use all over the world on fishing vessels of all sizes.

For more information:

Catch monitoring system: https://www.kongsberg.com/maritime/products/commercial-fisheries/catch-monitoring-systems/

Catch monitoring sensors: https://www.kongsberg.com/maritime/products/commercial-fisheries/cms/

Catch monitoring systems: https://www.kongsberg.com/maritime/products/commercial-fisheries/catch-monitoring-systems/

Fish-finding echo sounders: https://www.kongsberg.com/maritime/products/commercial-fisheries/echo-sounders/

Fish-finding sonars: https://www.kongsberg.com/maritime/products/commercial-fisheries/fish-finding-sonars/

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We offer fully integrated energy, handling and operational solutions with powerful benefits.

Our vessel products reduce cost, maximise performance and address lifecycle challenges – from initial ideas and planning, right through to long-term asset management.

For more information:

Fishing vessel designs: https://www.kongsberg.com/maritime/products/ship-design/fishing-vessel-designs/

All ship types: https://www.kongsberg.com/maritime/solutions/ship-types/

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Look to some of KONGSBERG’s world class specialists and learn more about how to increase efficiency, improve reliability and reduce emissions by utilizing new technologies and optimizing propulsion systems onboard advanced fishing vessels and trawlers.

The fishing vessels of tomorrow put forward new requirements for safety, efficiency and sustainability. This effects all on-board equipment, and particularly propulsion and energy systems. KONGSBERG, with many of our innovative solutions, is raising the bar to the next level.

Take a look at this recent webinar - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuQHp9MiPd0&list=PLnuHWlgzn3loDMWy99nMr7J0LV_F4TSK9&index=5&t=0s - addressing these challenges and presenting actual case studies providing interesting solutions for the fishing fleet of tomorrow.


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Trond Paulsen
VP Fishery and Special Purpose Vessels, Propulsion & Engines
+47 977 23 094

Atle David Monsen
VP Systems - Integrated Solutions Sales
+47 416 61 434

Mads Diedrik Dahl
Vice President, Fishery Sales
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Monrad Hide
VP Sales & Customer Management, Ship Design
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Svein Hatlehol Henjestad
Area sales manager - Fish Deck Machinery
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