Fiskeri- og havbruksnæringens forskningsfinansiering

FHF – Norwegian Seafood Research Fund

FHF is a state-owned limited company owned by the Ministry of Trade, industry and fisheries, and financed by the industry through a levy on exports of Norwegian Seafood at 0,3 %. FHFs goal is to create added value to the seafood industry through industry-based research and development (R&D).

FHF shall identify the most important issues to be addressed through R&D, initiate, finance and carry out R&D projects which will contribute to FHFs main goal. In addition, FHF shall take steps to ensure that results from the R&D projects can be implemented in the industry and thus create innovation and value to the industry.


FHF's priorities cover all areas of the Norwegian seafood industry, and are organized related to the different sectors of the industry.

In Aquaculture FHF adresses environmental documentation and impact, product quality, fish health and welfare, feed and feed resources as well as analyses of the formal framework for the industry.

In Groundfish FHF projects cover fisheries and vessel technology, fresh/frozen processing, salted/dried processing and crustaceans.

In Pelagics priorities cover fisheries and vessel technology, pelagic industry as well as conditions and framework for the industry.

In addition to the three sectors, FHF has prioritized cross sector issues such as market access and co-existence between aquaculture and wild fisheries.

Most FHFprojects are initiatied through competition, mainly public calls. FHF follows ethical guidelines for industry financed R&D which will ensure the indepence and legitimacy of the science. Results from FHF financed projects shall be openly available.

You will find a brief presentation on FHF here.


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