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From sustainability and digitalisation to project management, finance, communication and management - we have greater variation in the subject areas than most people know. Therefore, we have sorted all our over 200 courses and programs into 8 different areas of expertise. BI Executive further education offers courses and studies from bachelor's to master's level that you can combine with work. Explore the selection with a search on your interest.

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BI has extensive experience in offering relevant courses and education to the industry. We work closely with both the fishing and aquaculture industry, and in collaboration with the authorities and major players we have established BI centre for ocean business which will be a driving force for innovation and commercialization in the marine economy and an arena that brings together academic professionals, industry partners, investors and authorities.

The emergence of the Internet, new technologies and internationalisation have disrupted business models and we have witnessed the rise and fall of industry giants. It has also led to modern leaders requiring a new and broader set of skills to perform their jobs. The BI Executive MBA is designed to give you the tools to lead your organisation towards a digital, global and sustainable future. All sought-after skills for future leaders. Read more at :

As the largest provider in Norway, BI can deliver high quality solutions and tailor made education for organisations. We have cutting edge expertise in startegy design, innovation, change/ restructuring and leadership development and is ranked among the most prestigious business schools in the world.

We are pleased to have a coversation about your individual plan or about solutions for your company!

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Establishing a new research centre to promote business development and sustainable operation of the marine industries.

Sustainable scale up in the ocean business

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Ocean Industry is an important focus for BI. BI and Katapult Ocean join forces to foster a vibrant ecosystem of sustainability-driven start-ups and scale-ups in the ocean industries.

Sustainability @BI

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We will develop the capabilities of students to be future generators of sustainable value for business and society at large and to work for an inclusive and sustainable global economy.

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