JT TrawlcontrolTM has been developed in collaboration with, and as demanded by, trawler fishermen.

When trawling, it is almost impossible to see how trawls are working in the water: Are the blades at the right distance from each other, or are they being pulled together because the trawl is getting heavy - hopefully from a good catch - or because it is filled with stones or some other debris?

The only way to see if the angle is changing is to measure the distance between the wires.

With JT TrawlcontrolTM you can easily see if the angle between the wires changes - if the trawl gets heavier, the blades will be pulled closer together.

The patent-pending JT TrawlcontrolTM system is made up of two cameras, located directly above each wire roller. The images from the cameras are displayed side-by-side on a screen. On the screen, a line can be placed over each wire, allowing any change in the angle between the wires to be seen directly, without needing to leave the wheelhouse.



A quick look will tell you if the trawl is sliding correctly over the seabed.

This means less damage to the trawl, and thus fewer repair costs.

This increases safety as there is no need to hang over the stern to measure the distance between the wires.

If you have a remote control for winches, etc., you can control everything from the wheelhouse simply by looking at the screen.

An attractive investment for both small and large trawlers.

The JT TrawlcontrolTM system is easy to install and very easy to maintain; there are no parts to be mounted on the trawl, everything is mounted on the trawler - that is, above the waterline.


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