Safepath AS

Safepath specialize in emergency preparedness and practical Safety Training for the Maritime Sector. We operate the Maritime Traffic Central, Safepath Control and are always on duty handling maritime safety.

Our safety product, the Emergency preparedness package, simplifies establishing a good safety culture for shipowners, captain and the crew members. This will reduce the danger of incidents at sea. Good procedures and work routines are the key to maintaining daily operations and good revenue. And because our Emergency preparedness Package includes the safety management system Sealog, you have a good tool to achieve this and fulfil any regulatory requirements. You will also get an interactive handbook for drills, loss of ship-plan and a yearly Safety training course for vessels and shipowner included in the Emergency preparedness Package.

Safepath Control operates 24/7, 365 days a year, and we are always prepared to assist our customers.


Safepath Control
Astrups gate 9
6509 Kristiansund

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Sidsel Sæterøy
Managing Director

Terje Rødahl
Development Manager

Per Joar Nålsund
Safepath Control Manager

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Safety/survival, medical equipment