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About NTNU Bridge Aqaculture

NTNU Bridge Aquaculture is a virtual platform that facilitates collaboration between NTNU students and the seafood industry. The portal invites both students and company representatives to create a profile and get in touch. Employers announce vacancies, internships and ideas for future student projects, whereas students get access to professional networks, know-how and possible applications of their theoretical knowledge. We stimulate the execution of Bachelor and Master assignments based on challenges in the seafood sector, and open the doors to academic experts and science groups at NTNU.

NTNU Bridge Aquaculture was established as part of the “Bridgehead Aquaculture 2050” project under NTNU Oceans, which develops a regional knowledge platform for efficient and mutual exchange of theoretical and practical knowledge. Its objective is to enhance innovation capacity and readiness in the seafood sector. The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway.

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Måtte gripe sjansen - studenter skriver masteroppgave i samarbeid med havbruksnæringen

Posted 2020-08-17 15:43:08

For de to masterstudentene var det ikke tvil - Et samarbeid med havbruksnæringen var det mest spennende valget

Om Brohode Havbruk

Posted 2020-08-17 15:42:44

«Brohode havbruk 2050» er siden 2018 et Kapasitetsløftsprosjekt i Forskningsrådets FORREGION program. Les mer om prosjektet, og hva som er blitt oppnådd de første to årene.


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