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SCR Marine Systems for NOx Reduction for a cleaner shipping and compliance with Tier III

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Are you familiar with the NOx fondet, compliant with Tier III NOx limits and do you want to profit from NOx TAX savings? That is exactly our focus: Thanks to almost 30 years of experience in this highly specialized field of business, gained from more than 300 ships in service we can provide the perfectly engineered solution for a perfectly engineered ship – this all with competitive price level. The high performance SCR Systems by H+H are for New Build and Retrofit Vessels for operation with different fuels being designed to meet Tier III NOx, U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and Stage V limits.

Why H+H makes the difference and should be your first choice for marine SCR solutions

» Compatible for all engines from 200 kW to 60 MW

» All components made in Germany - quality out of one hand!

» Fully extruded catalyst designed by H+H with best mechanical stability

» Urea mixer and 2-phase nozzle for fine atomization and even distribution of urea

» In-house competence of PLC Programming based on Siemens

» High spare parts availability

» Worldwide service locations and representations


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